• 31 Dic 2019

    Eden Arena Closing Party

    31 Dic 2019

    Eden Arena // Buena Vista
    12847 U.S. 285 // +00 000 0000 00

    Información del evento

    Fecha: diciembre 31, 2019
    Ubicación: Eden Arena
    Habla a: 12847 U.S. 285 Buena Vista
    Teléfono: +00 000 0000 00
    Sitio web: http://earq.com
    Evento: #

    KlangKuenstler, aka Michael Korb, started his Zuckerton Records at the age of just 21, showing his precocious talent and laser beam focused enthusiasm. ‘Freudentraene’, his debut track from 2012 has so far clocked up over 3.5 million plays on YouTube with its dreamy, folk house sound. Since then he’s gone on to record for labels […]

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  • 06 Feb 2022

    Underground Night Party

    06 Feb 2022

    Arena Club // Bangor
    87-91 Falvey St // +00 000 000

    Información del evento

    Fecha: febrero 6, 2022
    Ubicación: Arena Club
    Habla a: 87-91 Falvey St Bangor
    Teléfono: +00 000 000
    Sitio web: http://metal.com
    Evento: #

    Every week Arena Club presents a variety of DJ performers covering musical styles of EDM, House, and Top 40. You can expect to be immersed in an auditory experience unlike any other in the area. Enjoy your favorite hits, come alive to new unheard tracks, both familiar and emerging sounds mixed under one roof. Three levels, […]

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  • 24 Feb 2022

    Spring Break Camp

    24 Feb 2022

    Vibes Town // Kitty Hawk
    407 W Lillian St // +00 000 000

    Información del evento

    Fecha: febrero 24, 2022
    Ubicación: Vibes Town
    Habla a: 407 W Lillian St Kitty Hawk
    Teléfono: +00 000 000
    Sitio web: http://kn.com
    Evento: #

    Croatia has become a great destination for travelers from all over, as it offers a wide array of activities as well as cultural events. We know that the country is rich in history and culture, but it is also prepared for major events and spectacles, especially during the warm seasons. Summer festivals in New York are […]

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  • 15 Mar 2022

    Techno All Night Long

    15 Mar 2022

    Concert Zone // Latham
    2-110 E 3rd St // +00 000 000 00

    Información del evento

    Fecha: marzo 15, 2022
    Ubicación: Concert Zone
    Habla a: 2-110 E 3rd St Latham
    Teléfono: +00 000 000 00
    Sitio web: http://elle.com
    Evento: #

    Regarded as one of the most successful and breakthrough parties ever to grace the White Island, the event will heat up the dance floors in clubland once again, with Luciano and his traveling gang of music gypsies ready to bring some fire in the Balearic nightlife. A brand new relationship between the Vagabundos concept and […]

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